AVALON Japanese Fish Collagen with probiotic and vitamin C
AVALON Japanese Fish Collagen with probiotic and vitamin C

AVALON Japanese Fish Collagen with probiotic and vitamin C

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As we age, with the decrease of collagen levels our skin loses its natural elasticity. By consuming high-quality hydrolyzed collagen one can reverse the signs of aging by improving the amount of collagen inside their skin. This has been proven by scientific research. 

However, for proper absorption the collagen molecules must be smaller than 5000 Daltons! Any bigger molecules will be digested and broken down to basic amino-acids. Small collagen particles can penetrate the intestinal barrier and enter the bloodstream, where they fall apart to form two active peptides that motivate the fibroblasts to produce more collagen.

AVALON Japanese Fish Collagen offers a dose of marine collagen molecules smaller than 3000 Daltons, a probiotic, as well as skin brightening and potent free-radical scavenging vitamin C. It is a perfect choice for those dealing with dull and inelastic skin.

Consume a sachet every other day to see your skin firm up and become more elastic. This can help minimize the appearance of fine lines under the eyes or on the forehead. Do note that collagen has no effect on nasolabial or nasojugal grooves

The collagen offered is produced in Japan, and distributed by the Hi-Beau company based in Singapore. Each box contains 30 sachets of hydrolyzed collagen enriched with a pro-biotic complex and vitamin C.

Please note that there is a typo on the box and the producer apologizes for it.

The product was made in Japan for the Singaporean company Hi-Beau.

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