Policies and rules


The owner of cukiershop.com domain and the online store at this address is :


The company is registered in Singapore (UEN number: 201308949E). In this document, the company is referred to as the Seller.

The Seller offers to Customers various products sold via the online store. The Seller promises to provide brand new, not used products that match the description provided in the online store.

All data collected by the Seller is collected purely for the sake of fulfilling orders placed by Customers. No personal data provided by Customers is or will be sold, or given to any 3rd party that is not engaged in the process of fulfilling the order.

Entering a transaction with the Seller means accepting the rules stated on this page.


The service provided by the Seller includes packing products ordered by Customers and handing over each package addressed to a shipping address provided by the Customer to a 3rd party company responsible for shipping and handling postal services. The Seller promises to provide brand new, not used products that match the description provided within the online store front cukiershop.com .

The Seller itself does not provide the shipping service, and by entering into a transaction with the Seller, the Customer explicitly acknowledges and agrees  that the Seller is not responsible for delivering the product. Respective 3rd party shipping company or a postal provider selected for handling delivery is purely responsible for delivering the order.


Payments are to be settled using the payment gateways provided by shopify.com - a platform hosting the service under the cukiershop.com domain.

The Seller reserves the right to change the prices of products and services listed on cukiershop.com at any time without prior notice. Any changes to the price of products do not affect products already sold.

Every order will automatically start being processed at the moment of the successful payment.


Worldwide shipping cost is already included in the price of each product, and no additional costs are added to the listed product prices during checkout.

The Seller reserves up to 7 days for processing and packing the order, before it is dispatched to a shipping company for delivery.

The Seller agrees to ship the order worldwide, subject to international trade limitations of Singapore, but holds no responsibility for any customs, taxes or laws related to shipping of the order at the target destination country. The Customer agrees to bear full responsibility for complying with their local laws and regulations. 

The Seller will make effort to properly secure the product in the postal package. However, the Seller is not responsible for any damage to the order caused by a 3rd party shipping company.

If the order reaches the target postal office or a local package courier, but it is not collected by the Customer on time and subsequently returned to the Seller, or for any other reason returned to the Seller, the Seller can ship the order again if the customer agrees to pay the re-shipping cost.

The Seller is not responsible for additional costs to the order related to duties and import taxes, and will not refund any such payment.


It is possible to immediately cancel the order if it has not yet been fully processed and shipped. 

Customers can return unused and untampered products, and they are entitled to a refund with the deduction of the shipping costs.

Should the Customer receive faulty products or an incorrect order, the Seller will either refund the cost of the faulty product or ship the products again (subject to availability).

The Seller reserves the right to cancel any order placed by Customer, and refuse the service. In such case the Customer will receive full refund.


The Seller is in no way responsible for any consequence of using or consuming products sold at cukiershop.com .

Any problems related to consumption or usage of the products offered should be reported to the producers of the products.

The Seller strongly advises performing a patch test before using any cosmetics and immediate cessation of usage should any undesirable effects occur.

The Seller is located in Singapore and follows Singapore laws.

In case of disagreements with the Customer, the Seller reserves the right to make binding decisions within the constraints of Singapore laws.

The photos used are only visualisations of the products and may slightly differ from the actual presentation on the product. The Seller promises to make effort to ensure proper description of the product's traits and qualities.


  1. Personal data officer is Barbara Wlodkowska, the owner of CUKIER PTE LTD (UEN: 201308949E).

  2. Any personal data is collected purely for the sake of order fulfillment.

  3. Data that we collect and process:
  • E-mail address,
  • First and last name,
  • Billing and shipping address,
  • Contact phone number.

  • The data is stored within the shopify.com platform, and within our address label printing database.

  • CUKIER PTE LTD will retain the data indefinitely, but the Customer has the right to request deletion or correction of their personal data at any time.

  • Packages handed over to a 3rd party shipping company are labelled with the name and the address of a recipient printed on a shipping label.