About us

What do we do:

A Singapore based company. Offering cosmetics, books and beauty products with a focus on functionalities not commonly found in the traditional beauty market.

About the Founder:

Hi, my name is Basia. I was born in 1984 and in 2008 moved to Singapore. In 2010 I started my Polish language blog about Korean and Japanese cosmetics (AzjatyckiCukier.com), and subsequently opened my first online store at AzjatyckiBazar.com, catering mainly to Polish speaking audiences. In 2018 I've decided to take the chance and offer my favorite books, products and cosmetics to an international audience. I also have a YouTube channel, Basia "Cukier" Wlodkowska where you'll find an array of relaxing and rejuvenating face massage videos in english language, to enhance your skincare routine.

Beauty Philosophy:

Traditionally anti-aging is viewed through the lens of wrinkles in the skin. I believe we should look deeper and pay attention to all tissues of the face, including muscles, bones and the capillary system. By researching the nature of changes occurring in those tissues, I help to connect our customers to products that offer more than just superficial skincare. 

Contact us:

Write in at any time to contact@cukiershop.com