Plastic surgery with your own hands - TRANSLATION

Plastic Surgery in Your Own Hands” by Wi Suyoung

Foreword from CUKIER SHOP

Please note that this is not an official translation of the book. It’s an amateurish translation that hopes to allow people from all over the world to benefit from facial and body massages.

Wi Suyong is a renowned body and face massage salon owner from Korea. She truly believes that face and body massages can help shape the body, but also provide health benefits, as muscle tension is reduced and body posture corrected. The bones are living tissues that constantly renew and rebuild, providing a foundation for all other tissues in the body.

Pages 18 to 21 contain the scientific basis of the bone shaping method. Pages 22 to 30 are case studies of various transformations achieved though massage. Page 22 showcases a square jaw becoming smaller and softer, page 24 showcases making the face smaller in 12 days, page 16 showcases a similar transformation achieved in 16 days. Page 28 shows progress of reducing swelling in the lower body and page 30 is about making calves smaller.


Part I – Bone Therapy Theory

Pages 34 and 35 focus on how to practice bone therapy. Page 40 showcases the ideal proportions of the human face.

Pages 42 and 43 feature products recommended for facial massages. There is no need to use specific products, but it’s highly recommended to cover the skin with a slippery substance, be it a heavy facial moisturizer or facial oil. The author strongly suggests using black sesame oil, as it provides the perfect amount of slip, while nourishing the skin.

The massages are to be performed twice a day, and as some include touching the head and the hair line, using oils and heavy moisturizers means the hair will get oily, therefore it’s good to plan your showers and baths around the massage sessions. Also be mindful of the oil or moisturizer staining your clothes.

The author suggests getting comfortable for the massage sessions and playing some relaxing music or lighting aromatherapy candles.

To perform the massages, usually the index, middle and ring finger are used. Unless the photo suggests otherwise, please perform the massages using those fingers. The pressure applied should be in the ballpark of 0,3-0,8 kg per square cm. If you are unsure how much pressure to apply, pressing your fingers on a kitchen scale can be a good way to practice.

If the photo showcases a dot, it’s a pressure point. Find the corresponding place on your body and press your finger into it for 3 to 5 seconds.

Always perform the massage symmetrically and aim to apply identical pressure on both sides of your face and body. Each move is repeated 9 times on each side. It’s acceptable to perform massages on both side simultaneously, but please be very careful to apply identical pressure on both sides.

Please perform the massages twice a day if you want to see changes on your face or body. For maintenance, please perform the massages as much as possible, but don’t worry if you skip some days.

CUKIER SHOP comment: it takes about 6 weeks for the effects of the massages to become visible. If you don’t like the changes occurring on your face or body, please stop the massage therapy! The undesirable changes may become permanent!

Pages 50 and 51contain recommendations on how to remove makeup and cleans the face. Pages 52 to 55 contain tips on how to massage the head during hair washes.




Translator note: The instructions under the photos are not translated, as all of them quite literally just instruct the reader to perform the move presented on the photo.

Trouble 1 – Squarish Jaw reduction (pages 58- 64)

This massage focuses on relaxing the jaw and neck muscles and shaping the jaw-line, to create the coveted “V-line” face shape. If you are concerned about cheeks sagging, please see massage no. 10

Trouble 2 – Making big and wide cheekbones smaller (pages 65-70)
CUKIER SHOP comment: In cultures that celebrate prominent cheek-bones, this therapy might seem irrelevant. Please note that manipulating the cheekbones may lead to cheek sagging.

Trouble 3 – Make a wide and flat face more defined (pages 71-75)

The author notes that this therapy can be of special interest to those of Asian descent.

Trouble 4 – Making a long face look cuter (pages 76-79)


CUKIER SHOP comment: This is one of the more controversial massages in the book, and the author goes so far as to call long faces “horse-like” and at risk of looking older than they really are. The therapy focuses heavily on relaxing the neck and head muscles, as well as shaping a round forehead.

Trouble 5 – Make a plane face look more interesting (pages 80-87)

CUKIER SHOP comment: this massage adds definition to your nose, eyes and lips and can make a face look really beautiful. We strongly recommend giving this massage a try!

Trouble 6 – Reduce head size (pages 88-92)

Trouble 7 – reducing obvious facial asymmetry (pages 93-94)

Page 95 instructs how to perform an abdomen massage when taking a shower.


Part III – SOFT TISSUE massage

Trouble 8 – Reduction of a double chin (pages 98-101)

Trouble 9 – Reduce swelling of the face (pages 102-106)

Trouble 10 – Lift saggy cheeks (VERY RECOMMENDED!) (pages 107-111)

Trouble 11 – Get rid of the chubby face (pages 112-115)

This therapy is highly recommended for those who have slim bodies, but their face is chubby.

Trouble 12- Reduce the nasolabial folds (“smile lines”) / (VERY RECOMMENDED!) (pages 116-120)

The reasons steps 3,4 and five are so similar, is to avoid stretching the skin too much, therefore rather than do one move from the nose base to the brows, the move has been split into 3 smaller maneuvers.

Trouble 13 – Reduce the wrinkles around the yes (pages 121-122)

Trouble 14 – Remove forehead wrinkles (pages 123-125)

Pages 126 and 127 instruct on how to perform a basic shoulder and arm massage under the shower.


Trouble 15 – Reduce swelling of the neck (pages 130-131)

Trouble 16 – Reduce shoulder tension (pages 132-133)

Trouble 17 – Arm and palm massage (pages 134-140)

Trouble 18 – Relief for tired feed (pages 141-145)

Trouble 19 – Reduce the calf size (pages 146-149)

Trouble 20 – Reduce thigh size (pages 150-153)


Pages 154 and 155 show how to massage the hip area under the shower.